If I Would Have Listened​.​.​.

from by WHAT HAVE MAY...

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Am I supposed to be the bearer of bad misery?
What hinders my dichotomy from beckoning these autonomies?
I’d probably be the laugher of loud listening
What echoes from morality is simply an open parody a tragic comedy.
And I will be the honing of the one the morrow’s son
I alluded through the music but in all I borrowed none.
And so they feuded what this Jew did resonated from my tongue
The callow of the followed I present unto this day
That what have May, and not became the riddle of this coming age
It is we that hold the keys to unlock what came to be
And it is we that plant the seeds that will spring to life the tree
In the center of the garden is the fruit to end mortality
What began with a kiss will end with closed lips
The sweet taste of melancholy a pleasure to the ears
If I would have listened, before the heavens casted down the seven
If I would have beckoned, when my brother’s hand was outstretched
But I ignored for the sake of love we fell overboard to the fate of now we trod
Trod on little angel trod on…

If I would have listen To all you had said
Would I have turned out, like this in the end
It seems iv lost all control
Without something to call my own
If I would have listened
I wouldn't be in this hole

So there I sit , inside my head
Wondering what the hell had made me like this
I've grown so weak , and suffered through
All the darkness that lays in my room
I left my home far and away
Hoping to finally , find my way
Over miles of broken plains
I hide away all my pain
Step by step I regress
the harshest times that never pass

If I would have listen To all you had said
Would I have turned out, like this in the end
It seems iv lost all control
Without something to call my own
If I would have listened
I wouldn't be in this hole

The last thing that swept across the wind
I could not bear to penny thoughts because of fear
So it begins the cause effect, the consequence
How I wish the rain would fall again
No excuse for ignorance
So be it as it may I took what folly had pertained
And for the act of lark I bayed
The privileged to the non-compliant
Prays weary, face dearly the hardships that life dealt
I have made the wrong decision
For my ears they didn’t listen
Now my life’s taken a turn for the worst
And it cannot be undone and from this I cannot run
And I would choose to take this life if it would only make it right
So I own what I put out and I will learn from my mistakes
From the ashes what was made furrowed up with what became
The rising of a day when the clouds have gone away
And the light has shown its face and now a tear rolls down my face
And I know to do what’s right and I hear the voice inside
But I can’t… Who says love is stronger than pride?

Now in hind sight I think twice
About how I should have lived My life
With all my strife, what could have been
All the roads i've taken where to begin
The echoes of voices that fade to black
They fall on deaf ears I turn my back
Ignorant bliss with wits that miss
The falling of life had passed through time
What have may, that never became
It s too late Your life was a waste

If I would have listened, to all your advice
I could have turned out, hopeful inside
I could have had all control
With my dreams inside my soul
I should have listen
I shouldn't be in this hole


from Come What May, released January 1, 2015



all rights reserved


WHAT HAVE MAY... Seattle, Washington

WHAT HAVE MAY... composed of Ariel Endure and Azrael The Silent Angel; both members of the super crew Oldominion. The group was started in 2012 and is a unique blend of Rock and Hip-Hop. In a time where music is over saturated with meaningless catchy tunes. This group brings dynamic music with a message. They well represent that NorthWest Seattle grey gloominess that we've all grown to love. ... more


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