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from by WHAT HAVE MAY...

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Oh now my brother, look in my eyes
Can you not see, this is why we must rise
From the fright of the night cries
you carelessly ask Why
It has to be this way,
throughout all this dismay,
caress evils change
From Heartless, and tarnished carnage we bare what good we harness, even this feelings overwhelming, don't turn your back on me,
i simply ask you too flee
your nurturing needs
Share with me now, the ways of my unrest
While The fires Carry humanity to its end
Bringing this curse , first, and filling up this hurss as we bury the death of grace no I shall not be betrayed,
Im giving everything with in for both of our sins ,
you should feel elated , debating the hating, craving
Don't you see your eyes have no need
For you to
ever weep,
Get off of your knees
Put down all your hurt
We shall Stand together
to watch this world burn

Unsheathe my sword
Hence forth
I’m about to do the duties of our lord
Head forth
Descend and take human form
On the side of which is good
Attribute this rage to edifice
What evils have rebuked
By day play the saint
By night I am the brute whose tolerances for demons are minute
I walk these darken streets in search of their atrocities
The spread of their infectious disease
Parasites’ tasting what life hath to offer
What light hath been fond of?
They feed on the like cattle breed
But I have been sworn to protect and to serve
For the cause of keeping balance in preserve
And yet between my progeny and me there’s enmity
A war that settles with unease
What might hath else
By human race been hid by hindsight
Shall soon be revealed by heavens divine might…

This evil I pronounce has given a way out
the confusion you hold so dearly through out your bout
Oh brother how art thou
Deceiving of our kind
To perish rather be swallowed up
What have you to show for…
I carry out these sin to challenge what has been
To bring you to my depths to make to you understand
From here below
We stand as equals
By nights end
There will be no sequel
Don't you get confused from views that choose to bruise the ego through The noose
Your forcing my hand
Now let the battle begin
This brothers quarrel
Where only one will stand
You say that you have wings that bring the ring from battles through the night and cries upon our lives
This is the last chance
Put down your sword
This guilt returned
kneel before your god
Follow me my blood I'll bring you through the mud and prove this line was broken in spite

Follow me
Follow me
As I pull this heart from your chest
There's only one thing left
And that is to simply die...


from Come What May, released January 1, 2015



all rights reserved


WHAT HAVE MAY... Seattle, Washington

WHAT HAVE MAY... composed of Ariel Endure and Azrael The Silent Angel; both members of the super crew Oldominion. The group was started in 2012 and is a unique blend of Rock and Hip-Hop. In a time where music is over saturated with meaningless catchy tunes. This group brings dynamic music with a message. They well represent that NorthWest Seattle grey gloominess that we've all grown to love. ... more


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